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Is blazer a masterpiece of the wardrobe?

There is different nuance in definition of blazer between different specialty sources; some sources defined the blazer as  ”colored jackets which used in school, college, club, or sports team uniforms” and others simple definition like “sports jacket not worn with matching trousers.”

What we know from oldest civilization culture these days is “separate single jacket worn with trousers or a contrasting pattern and colors and even with different material.” which is the more popular definition of the blazer.

Following details are the most crucial element for Blazer:

Buttons: The buttons are one of the few essential features of a blazer, most of the time buttons made from mother of pearl ( shell), Brass, pure silver and sometimes brass with gold plated. Especially for school and sports clubs make these buttons embossed with the logo or any other sign.

Fabrics colors:

Solid color fabrics used in most of the time especially Navy blue, black, red and any other sold color. Solid colors are almost exclusively a shade of navy blue, green, white or red, etc.

Fabrics type and weight:

The weight of the materials used for blazers is heavier than suits fabrics. Usually made from worsted wool flannel, cashmere, and linen or cotton for summer. and used for striped pattern fabrics

Decorative details:

On some occasions may use contrasting piping, embroidery, braiding trim or hand painting details.

Blazer has an iconic role in the creation of significant variation of the outfit and playing a most crucial factor on matching to create different looks, can be worn with many different jeans, trousers, and shirts as well as ties and pocket squares combinations. Here are some general inspiration ideas so you can create your blazer outfit.

Blazer Guide for men:

1) Higher contrast between pant and blazers color is better, like black and white, ivory and dark navy blue.

2) Blue flannel Blazer with Yellow or red trousers

3) Casual chino pants and jeans in better to keep in light blue stone washed and pants close to the tan color as well as white.

4) Accessories may be better to look in a separate package ( Ties, shoes, belts and pocket squares) need to keep all pieces on the same line and harmony.

Any color shoes can be matched in above outfit variations just if I would like to choose top 3 colors the brown tone especially light brown color shoes will come first in my mind, second of course black and olive green color should be my favorite colors.

5) Best matching shoe style with a blazer: Loafers, wing type lace-up shoes are perfect, as well as Oxford, regarding sneakers, look good much better with casual blazer made from cotton or linen.

Single and double breast jacket: there are two crucial factors need to take in considerations one is the body shape which height, weight, and type of the body and second is an edge. Last two-decade many designers tried to bring the double breast blazers to the youngest category but seem they did not have success. Still, the single-breasted blazer is a favorite of all masculine silhouette. The length of the double-breasted blazers has to be average or long. The short style is not the proper option because of some of structural and design details like lapels, vents, pockets which creating a rough look and feel of the blazer.


What we need to know about Blazer

Blazer today is an essential element of men’s clothing and is considered suitable for any outfits such as casual, business, evening especially for traveling. It is easy to match with a wide variety of entire wardrobe elements from pants, shirt, and all other accessories. The blazer always will be in first place for building your wardrobe for its versatility.