Fashion Hub Launches Ferruccio Milanesi Quality Neapolitan Tailoring Location In Vancouver

Ferruccio Milanesi Vancouver showroom

Fashion Hub Launches Ferruccio Milanesi Quality Neapolitan Tailoring Location In Vancouver

Fashion Hub Launches Ferrucio Milanesi Quality Neapolitan Tailoring Location In Vancouver

The tradition of quality tailoring has always included the most excellent attention to detail, fabric, and style. Ferruccio Milanesi brings the heritage and talents of exclusive handmade luxury apparel and client service in the opening of the new Ferruccio Milanesi Bespoke Tailoring in Canada.

The new store will serve clientele from Canada and the United States, emphasizing unique quality in menswear suits, shirts, coats, jackets, shoes, and accessories. The art of custom tailoring is included in every aspect of Ferruccio Milanesi, incorporating Bespoke, Su Misura” made to measure” suits of the most delicate exclusive fabrics, crafted by master tailors from South Italy.
Introducing a new and different tailoring perspective is what Ferruccio Milanesi is all about. The incredible attention to fabrics, Fully handmade canvasing with Neapolitan shoulder combined with the exclusive design, cut, and stitching alters apparel from something simple to wear to an experience that reflects confidence and embraces the masculine form.

The Ferruccio Milanesi mission is to bring the essence of the highest quality to those that have and demand discerning taste in apparel. The goal is to bring public awareness to the alternative to ‘ready-to-wear’ and made to measure suits and offer the type of exclusive choices in custom apparel that is destined to change the consumer view forever. The available selections incorporate entirely handmade costumes that go beyond the norm and extend into the exquisite. The attention to detail raises the bar. To pique your interest, take note of the service and amenities, which includes:

  • * Entirely made by one Master tailor using traditional Neapolitan handcraftsmanship
    *Silk and Bemberg lining
    *Fabrics that encompass soft baby goat fiber cashmere to exclusive long fiber wool
    *Neapolitan shoulder suiting
    *Fully handmade Milanese buttonholes made with 300-500 stitches
    *Full canvas with horsetail cloth and 100% hand-basting canvasing
    *6 mm thicknesses hand-finished shell buttons
    *40+ Hours turnaround, handmade by master tailors
    *Maximum comfort with new and innovative stitching techniques
    *Magnificent design and cut that will be pure bliss to wear

With expertise that spans two generations in the tailoring vertical, the Ferruccio Milanesi brand brings a renewed sense of expectation with an enlightened perception for unique custom apparel. Attention to detail is a must at Fashion Hub Inc, and this includes every aspect, from yarns, fabrics, dyes, and weaving. The skill of the tailor and artisan is now launched to bring expertise and confidence to their new Tailoring location.

Ferruccio Milanesi breaks the mold and delivers expectations to clients from all walks of life. Customer service is a concentric focus point, and they have even created private shopping options with fashion expert advisers from 9 AM to 10 PM. with exclusive VIP Service.

Ferruccio Milanesi Store cordially extends an invitation to all that want the experience of high-quality, luxury tailoring. Intending to alter the perception of one-on-one customer service the best as an alternative to the standard retail options, they are changing the world of luxury to ensure all clients’ segments.